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Do you ever have a perfect product or idea that you just can't seem to bring to life?¬†Sometimes all you need is some eye-catching photos to help your product transcend to the next level.   That is what I am here for! My name is Justin Sherwood, and I am an experienced professional model and content creator who is going to help your product outshine all competition. I have modeling experience from fashion products, beauty products, health/fitness, and basically anything that can be found on amazon, and an eye for very aesthetically pleasing HD photography.   My style range is vast, and can be fit to what you want for your product, whether it be Demo, editorial, White background, E-commerce, lifestyle, or for social media.  


  • Polar Creative
  • June 16, 2020 - continue

Experienced freelance Creative Director, model, photographer, Media Content Creator, Videographer and Fashion Stylist.. Driven and friendly business woman, who wants to help you create the perfect portrayal for your company. Contact me & we can discuss how we can collaborate together to make your ideas come to life.

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  • Weber State University
  • May 13, 2015 - June 4, 2018

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