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Hey! Looking for a powerful vocal, perfect for your EDM Hook, Pop top liner or belting melodic Rock track? My names Sofia Flores, and I'm a pro female vocalist. I've worked with DJs, producers and brands all over the world, & I’ve got a high range and versatile tone. So let's chat! Some of my achievements include working with:
  • Guitar Hero
  • Henry Himself (1million+ plays)
  • Universal Music
  • Hundreds of thousands of followers & listeners
Ordering my Pro gig includes mirroring an in-studio experience. Your delivery will include:
  • Harmonies/Backing vocals as standard
  • Edited vocal stems (naturally tuned & timed)
  • More flexibility with revisions
  • Alternative takes - When the atmosphere in the studio is electric, and I think a new melody or rhythm will work great!


  • Warner Music Group
  • May 15, 2019 - continue

Hey. My name is Sofia. I’m a professional singer, vocalist, songwriter and content creator. You can hear my vocals in films, adverts and apps - and Ive worked with clients such as Universal Music, Sony, Guitar Hero and more. I provide session vocalist, songwriter and feature services, and can work with most budgets. Send me a message!

B.Sc- Electronic Engineering

  • Columbia University
  • May 21, 2015 - June 12, 2018

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