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I am excel in writing podcasts that are a more narrative form. If you're looking for a podcast script for an interview, please reach out to me before booking so we can make sure I'm the right fit for your gig! Let me take some work off your plate and provide you with a fully-scripted episode. Just bring your own voice and charm and hit record! Each episode will include:
  1. A brief episode description using SEO keywords.
  2. Full show notes, including MLA or APA cited sources (your choice!)
  3. A throughly researched script for your 'cast focusing on one topic.
  4. An introduction, call to action, and conclusion.


  • KGF School
  • March 11, 2014 - September 9, 2022

I am a long-time educator and librarian, who also happens to love researching and writing! I have over 7 years of experience in the elementary education and library profession. I have experience with writing lesson plans, creating education content, library programming, and conducting academic web-based research on a variety of subjects.

M.A. - Library Science

  • University of South Florida, United States
  • June 19, 2010 - March 26, 2013

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