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  • November 3, 2021

2D Top-down game art

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I am passionate in programming and developing gameplay, but unfortunately I always drop my projects past that point as I am not keen to work on game art, animation and level design. Thus, I am searching for a freelancer that can take my project after the gameplay part is completed.

Currently I am working on a 2D top-down airport management game, where the player is tasked to organize air traffic and avoid collision between airplanes, the game will have 3 airplane types (helicopter, light plane and heavy plane), and each plane type will have a different type of airport (landing spot), so each airplane type will have to land on its corresponding landing spot, I shared a video displaying the gameplay.

The game is referenced from this game; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hee2gKB1jCQ&ab_channel=AppStoreRadar

As an overall, I see video games as an investment so my goal is to generate profit from those video games, so I plan to develop whatever would result in being a good return of investment.

To start, I am planning to give this simple project to a freelancer in hope to form a team that will work with me on upcoming projects too.

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