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  • October 30, 2021

Book Layout in In-Design

  • Freelancer Type Individual
  • Project Duration 1-5 Days
  • Level Moderate Lavel
  • English Level Fluent
  • Languages English


I run a digital design agency mostly focusing on branding, web design, and UI/UX. We have a small client that contacted us to layout her book. Not exactly what we have expertise in.

The project is very clear - the book is written and already pre-formatted in Word:

  • 143K Words
  • 11.5 Font
  • 319 pages of the written text
  • Probably around 346 +/- 20 pages printed.

Needs this relayed out in in-design and submitted to her published asap.

Let me know who has expertise with this exact work. I think the project can take probably a day or so to complete for a pro.

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