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  • October 30, 2021

Graphics for Marketing Site

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We’re rebuilding our marketing site and need help designing our graphics and animations. There’s 7 different sections on our marketing site we need design work on. These graphics and animations will illustrate what's being conveyed on the page. While there's more context needed, here's what those 7 designs are -

  1. Main homepage screen graphic
  2. Main value prop section icons/graphic
  3. What the consumer sees - Mobile animation mimicking Plaid
  4. What our customers sees - Agent dashboard animation
  5. Consumer pain points graphic
  6. Main value prop section detailed graphic
  7. Uses cases for InsurGrid Link graphic

I also need help extending our color scheme outside the current blue. This new color scheme will be incorporated through the website, social media, and collateral. We currently use Blue (#162CC8) as our main color. I would like to expand our color scheme outside of the blue to have a more consistent brand feel. The current template has 10 different colors they use. We'd like to replace those colors to create a new color scheme that will match our brand feel.

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