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Need help with basic Stripe integration

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I have a simple website in PHP with a page that my clients can use to see their unpaid invoices. The page lists all their currently unpaid invoices with a total.

A “clientCode” is passed through the URL, picked up by the page and fetches data from the database.


• Set up Stripe to work with the payment button. Please see file “stripe thing.txt” for the basic info I want passed to it, if there’s more that should be there you’re the expert, so I defer to you.
• After the Stripe successful response, assign the clientCode (client_reference_id) to a variable in the page that handles that part, so I can go in and code the database call to update. Please make it clear where in the code I should insert the code to update the database.
• If there’s more I should be logging to a database, please advise. I’m new to Stripe.

PART 2 - .htaccess

There’s already a .htaccess file that transforms the URL from /payment/index.php?cl=[clientCode] to /payment/[clientCode]

BUT it intercepts other URLs and I don’t know how to fix it. For example, if you go to https://stservicesdesign.ca/payment/success.php , the index page tries to search for client “success.php”. Please fix the .htaccess file so that other files in the /payment directory aren’t affected by the URL rewriting.

Please provide time estimate and turnaround time, and let me know if you have any questions.

Skills Required

Backend Developer PHP

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