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  • November 3, 2021

Programmer for Space Scheduling App

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We are looking for an office space scheduling application where employees can see what spaces are available, and reserve them.


We have 7 offices across the country and about 350 employees.  With employees preferring to work remotely,  their is no longer a need to have dedicated spaces for everyone.  This will allow us to reduce the real estate foot print, and move to a shared space model where space is scheduled as needed.

Desired User Experience
  1. User logs into scheduling application with their AD username & password.
  2. The landing  page will show the user's default office location, with the choice to choose another location if desired.
  3. The user sees an interactive floor plan and a list of all spaces that are schedulable in that office, on the current date,  and their real time status, showing availability.
  4. The list will show space number, who has booked it and for what hours, or that it is available.
  5. User can select another date and see that availability.
  6. User, chooses date, space, time range when space will be in use, level of importance, and submits.  User & office gatekeeper get's confirmation email.
  7. On scheduled date, user get's email 60 minutes before scheduled time to confirm space is still needed. If confirmation is not received after 60 minutes from scheduled start time, 2nd email sent stating room will be released in 30 minutes if not confirmed.
  8. User needs option to cancel a scheduled room at any time.
  1. AD integration needed (credentials, location, email)
  2. Permission control needed to prevent users from changing other schedules, except admin/gatekeepers users within each office.
  3. Visual graphic indicators needed to show availability/status at a glance.  Booked, available,  partially available when less than 4 hours booked.
  4. Ability to see availability over a period, like a week or month.
  5. App securely accessible from anywhere on any device
  6. Reports - including automated weekly reports showing schedule spaces per office

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