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  • November 2, 2021

Fix Vuejs code for micro frontends

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We have replaced our main frontend's static translation with translation service, and now, we have a serval micro frontend related to this main FE, so we have updated all those 6 MFEs also with translation service.

The problem we like to solve now are those below:

1. to fix comments in the main app, there are only 2 comments, and easy to fix
2. change code for translation service for an additional MFE, we already have change code for the other 6 MFE, so you can just do the exact same thing with the additional one
3. fix cypress and type-check errors on all those pipelines, there are 3 MFEs merge request that has exactly the same reason failing, I already know what's wrong, so I will tell you the solution you can change the code to pass tests.

it's not required to have knowledge with cypress since there is issue with code and I have the solution.

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