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Social Emotional Curriculum Development

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I am looking for a curriculum developer that will create an evidence and research based social emotional curriculum for grades k-12 that is highly engaging and relevant that could also be used virtually or in person. (Refer to the CASEL framework and fundamentals of SEL at casel.org)

The whole curriculum will be based off of four characters (refer to the four DISC personality styles-represent the styles with the 4 birds listed below) which tells stories relevant to the grades/age groups in which they typically face at their age. The story is a continuous one involving the four friends from k-12 grade. The outcome will be them in careers best related to their styles. (The D-eagle, The I-parrot, The S-dove, The C-owl)

I would like for it to incorporate rewards and incentives (in-person and virtual options) that will also assist schools in Their Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support program.

I would like for it to have promote the understanding of objectives in the form of role playing; providing multiple ways to support general education and learning disabled students.

In addition, I would like for it to take into consideration the DISC profiles of students/ teachers and incorporate strategies for each profile style to take into consideration for lesson

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